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Yay! We've just launched our third alarm clock app, in partnership with the spiritual teacher, Landria Onkka. 

What Are You Manifesting?

with Landria Onkka 

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What we focus on manifests. Thoughts are things. Would you like to train yourself to shift negative thoughts to positive ones and focus on your desired manifestation? Then this app is for you.


Based on the popular and effective "Three Seconds to Manifest Anything" YouTube video, Spiritual Teacher Landria Onkka, guides you to rewire negative thought patterns. Catch unconscious negative thinking and use the power of the quantum field to shift your reality.

Life's struggles get the majority of our attention and each day our focus is on our problems. Even when we meditate or use vision boards, most of our thoughts are directed to our challenges. This is why most people believe that the law of attraction does not work. This powerful app reminds you to stay on track and focus on your chosen manifestation and positive thoughts. Each audio alarm is approximately 2 to 3 minutes long designed as a thought disrupter that is uplifting, inspirational and motivating.

Set your morning positive intentions with the wake-up alarm and other morning starters. Then set multiple reminders which will continually direct you to positive thoughts. Each reminder is a short audio narrated by Landria Onkka accompanied by soothing music. End your day with Beautiful Dreams, audio prompts that take you into positive slumber, angelic protection, inspiration and tap into cosmic answers.


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Landria's YouTube channel:

   Landria Onkka - YouTube

Landria's website:

Check out our second alarm clock app, in partnership with Jennifer Lebedev, of English With Jennifer!

English with Jennifer

Alarm Clock & Reminder App


Free English Study App - Starts Automatically & Helps Build a Study Habit!

• targeted for intermediate & advanced level English

• improves English comprehension & fluency

• vocabulary, conversation, grammar & pronunciation topics

• builds a good study habit through consistent, small steps

• short, effective lessons for any busy day

• includes 1-Minute English lessons

• plays text-to-voice notes when alarm/reminder goes off

• online radio stations for additional exposure to English


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Jennifer's YouTube channel:

Jennifer's website:

Here's our first Android alarm clock app. Check it out below, and download it on Google Play!

Wake Up Heroes - Android Alarm Clock App

Wake Up Heroes icon

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Wake Up Heroes is a super fun, next level alarm clock app with hilarious, musical, motivational and wise characters that help folks get their days started right, without snoozing!

Wake Up Heroes - Android Alarm App - Scr


Special thanks to our amazing artist, who brought our characters to life, and created all of our artwork:

Miguel Angel Spadafino (HANA)



Amp Lightning

Amp Lightning - Former '80s Rock Star

He's an angle-voiced, guitar slayin', former '80s mega rock star.

At his peak, he inadvertently caused concert goers to slam their ways to broken bones, concussions and hospitals, forcing cities he toured to have emergency plans prepared. Now, he's a big-time morning person who loves rocking people out of bed!

Do you wanna rock, roll, and slam out of bed? Yes? Then, Amp's your wake hero! He'll get ya up and slamming it to his morning rock ditties, to get ya properly rocked-up for the day!

Amp Lightning was brought to life by Jon Conver (vocals) and Thor Fields (guitar, musical arrangement & production) of Led Blimpie, a fabulous Led Zeppelin tribute band in New York City.

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Wake Up Track: Asleep So Sweet

Sorcha Wise

Sorcha Wise - Wise Woman and Scholar

Sorch’s a professor, a meditator, and a scholar of passed on wisdom who loves to discuss quotes and share her gained wisdom.

Her wisdom follows each waker-upper, to help get you in a mindset for a great day.

Wake Up Track: A Little Adds Up

McSlaughter & Padma

Drill Sergeant McSlaughter and Padma - Military Wake Up

McSlaughter’s a drill sergeant that does wake-ups on the side. He’s also a harsh meanie that purposely wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, and absolutely adores punishing weakness. 

Padma’s tougher than she looks and her piping voice sounds. She might appear out of place in the military, but due to some dark trauma in her past, she's become obsessed with toughening up. Ergo, she goes and joins the army, and ends up under the leadership of the infamous Sergeant McSlaughter. 

Under his unfair, draconian and merciless leadership, and having escaped death during out of hand "extreme training" exercises more than once, she proved to be his toughest and most capable underling ever.


Grateful and honored to be his wake-up assistant, and eager to get ahead in the military, she desperately wants to please him, even though he's a merciless psycho.

Wake Up Track: Backstory

Motivational Mandy

Motivational Mandy - personal trainer, motivational speaker and a professional waker-upper

She's a young, high energy personal trainer, motivational speaker and a professional waker-upper who loves waking people up to pumpin' beats and good vibes.


Awake with Mandy, and awake right!

Wake Up Track:  More Air Horn

Rockabilly Billy

Rockabilly Billy - Rockabilly Rock Star, '50s Bopping

He's a modern rockabilly singer with really big hair and a big love for getting people bee-boopin' out of bed.


If boppin' out of bed sounds like fun, Rockabilly Billy's your wake up hero!


Be-bop a-loo-bop, he'll bop, and won't stop!

Wake Up Track:  Wake Up Baby, Wake Up


Etherie - 800x1100l.jpg

Etherie is a wise, ethereal being that enjoys awakening people gradually, with relaxing music and clam words.

Awaken with Etherie, and awaken peacefully to relaxing music and Etherie's soothing voice and wisdom.

Wake Up Track:  Resonance


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