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Custom Alarm Clock Apps

We, at Digital Crafthouse, are creating and maintaining custom alarm clock apps for a variety of talent, for them to provide fun, musical, motivational or informative wake-ups to help their fans to stop snoozing and get in the right mindset for a great day.

Instead of relying on fan support through merchandise sales and Patron donations, our custom alarm clock apps provide a fun, beneficial wake-up service that would be more appealing to most fans.

We provide close guidance and assistance during the app's creation process, and most importantly, we provide full transparency, in regards to what's going on with your app. We do this by providing access to Apple's and Google's online consoles for monitoring all app details, App Store Connect and Google Play Console

Our first two custom alarm clock apps have just been released in Google Play, and we're looking forward to launching many more!

Revenue Potential

Here's what the monthly revenue could look like for a channel like yours, from selling in-app purchase packs of new audio tracks (5 new tracks/pack).

If you charge $5.59/pack, after Google & Apple's 30% standard fee, you would get $3.91/pack:

  • Sell 500 packs/month  ➡  $3.91 x 500 $1,955 /month

  • Sell 1000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 1K $3,910 /month

  • Sell 2000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 2K $7,820 /month

  • Sell 5000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 5K $19,550 /month

  • Sell 10K packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 10K $39,100 /month

Ask your fans if they'd want a fun alarm clock app from your channel to get an idea of the type of revenue you could expect from this app. Multiply the number of interested fans by the price you’d charge per pack of new audio tracks (we recommend $5.59), and you can see that it adds up quickly!

Want to learn more about how it all works? I can offer ideas for marketing the app to your followers, suggestions for daily wake-up content, and chat about app costs.

Contact us to learn more!

Our Early Adopters

English with Jennifer

Alarm Clock & Reminder App


Free English Study App - Helps Build a Study Habit!

 • targeted for intermediate & advanced level English

 • improves English comprehension & fluency

 • vocabulary, conversation, grammar & pronunciation topics

 • builds a good study habit through consistent, small steps

 • short, effective lessons for any busy day

 • includes 1-Minute English lessons

 • plays text-to-voice notes when alarm/reminder goes off

 • online radio stations for additional English exposure

Jennifer's YouTube Channel:

Jennifer's website:


Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.


App Store and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

What Are You Manifesting?

with Landria Onkka 

Screenshot Collage.jpg

What we focus on manifests. Thoughts are things. Would you like to train yourself to shift negative thoughts to positive ones and focus on your desired manifestation? Then this app is for you.


Based on the popular and effective "Three Seconds to Manifest Anything" YouTube video, Spiritual Teacher Landria Onkka, guides you to rewire negative thought patterns. Catch unconscious negative thinking and use the power of the quantum field to shift your reality.

Life's struggles get the majority of our attention and each day our focus is on our problems. Even when we meditate or use vision boards, most of our thoughts are directed to our challenges. This is why most people believe that the law of attraction does not work. This powerful app reminds you to stay on track and focus on your chosen manifestation and positive thoughts. Each audio alarm is approximately 2 to 3 minutes long designed as a thought disrupter that is uplifting, inspirational and motivating.

Set your morning positive intentions with the wake-up alarm and other morning starters. Then set multiple reminders which will continually direct you to positive thoughts. Each reminder is a short audio narrated by Landria Onkka accompanied by soothing music. End your day with Beautiful Dreams, audio prompts that take you into positive slumber, angelic protection, inspiration and tap into cosmic answers.

Landria's YouTube channel:

   Landria Onkka - YouTube

Landria's website:


Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

If you're interested in your own alarm clock app, get in touch through our Contact page and we'll get right back to you! 

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