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Revenue Potential for App

Here's what the monthly revenue could look like for a channel like yours, from selling in-app purchase packs of new audio tracks (5 new tracks/pack)

If you charge $5.59/pack, after Google & Apple's 30% standard fee, you would get $3.91/pack:

  • Sell 500 packs/month  ➡  $3.91 x 500 $1,955 /month

  • Sell 1000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 1K $3,910 /month

  • Sell 2000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 2K $7,820 /month

  • Sell 5000 packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 5K $19,550 /month

  • Sell 10K packs/month ➡  $3.91 x 10K $39,100 /month

Ask your fans if they'd want a fun alarm clock app from your channel to get an idea of the type of revenue you could expect from this app. Multiply the number of interested fans by the price you’d charge per pack of new audio tracks (we recommend $5.59), and you can see that it adds up quickly!

Want to learn more about how it all works? I can offer ideas for marketing the app to your followers, suggestions for daily wake-up content, and chat about app costs.

Contact us to learn more!

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