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App Instructions

What Am I Manifesting

Granting App Permission to Run

As shown below, tap the notification to grant the app permissions to run. As per Apple's rules, apps are not allowed to start by themselves without permission.

If you unlock your device without tapping the notification, you'll be shown the home screen of your device, and you'll have to wait about 20 seconds for the next notification to pop up. Due to Apple's restrictions, we can not make that wait time for a new notification any shorter. Also, when the next notification is shown, it will only play for 3 seconds and disappear. As per Apple's rules, when the phone is unlocked, notification sounds can only be a maximum of 3 seconds.

Lock Screen - Instructions.jpg

Main Screen

Main Screen - Instructions.jpg

Configure Alarm Screen

Configure Alarm - Instructions.jpg

Audio Selection Screen

Audio Selection - Instructions.jpg
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